opoc engine, fuel efficient 2-stroke, modular powertrain technology

Why EcoMotors?


EcoMotors is a different kind of industrial company, driven by big ideas and intent on empowering change in the world.

EM is redefining how the world is powered by challenging conventions about the size, efficiency and versatility of the internal combustion engine.

Our unique opposed-piston opposed-cylinder (opoc®) engine technology enables endless potential for innovation in vehicle and machine design, giving our customers the opportunity to create distinctive value and to make meaningful, lasting changes that benefit the world.

new solutions.


The opoc® Engine

The one and only opoc®


This patented design creates a ground-breaking internal combustion engine family architecture that will run on a number of different fuels, including gasoline, diesel and ethanol. The result is an engine family that is lighter, more efficient and economical, with lower exhaust emissions.

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Electrically Controlled Turbocharger (ECT)

Electrically Controlled Turbocharger


EM's Electrically Controlled Turbocharger (ECT™) is an exciting step in the evolution of exhaust driven turbo/superchargers for internal combustion engines. It combines a mechanical compressor and exhaust driven turbocharger into a single mechatronik solution by placing a high speed motor between the compressor and turbine wheels. The result is an independently controlled air and energy handling system in a small, low cost package.

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Counter Rotating Generator (CRG)

Counter Rotating Generator


EM's Counter Rotating Generator (CRG) applies the benefits of power density, displacement on demand and compact packaging of EM’s dual-module opoc® engine layout to an electrical generator configuration. The result is extraordinary electrical performance in a highly fuel efficient, small, and quiet machine.

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EM offers a solution to one of the world’s most pressing problems: how to create more power with less fuel.

We’ve done this by developing a new engine architecture we call opposed-piston opposed-cylinder (opoc) that works far more efficiently with the fuels and fueling infrastructure that we rely on today (and for many years to come).

The opoc engine architecture is also unique in that it is significantly smaller and lighter than conventional engines, it has far fewer parts, and it offers unprecedented power density. What does this mean? More miles with less fuel; more power in less space; more reliability due to fewer parts; more comfort because of less vibration. Savings in engine size and weight can be put to much better use - more cargo, more room, more capacity, more aerodynamic design - more of what you value.

We think the opoc engine is a true enabler, offering endless potential for design innovation in a broad range of vehicles and machines - empowering OEMs and end-users alike.


Light Vehicles

Light Vehicles

Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Heavy-Duty On-Road Vehicles

Off-Road Vehicles

Off-Road Vehicles



Our Culture

EcoMotors (EM) is a company that has set out to create meaningful changes in the world. EM draws creative, passionate people who are inventive in everything they do.

We focus on solutions and are driven by possibility. We are honest and candid in our approach with coworkers, customers and other stakeholders. We follow-through. We do what we say. We choose action over inaction every time. EM benefits from the flexibility and freedom of an early-stage company, however we take responsibility for our work and the growth of our company. EM employees are confident contributing ideas across a boundary-less, open organization. We stay positive with an energy and enthusiasm to create and to win.



Leadership & Board


Prof. Peter Hofbauer
Founder and Chief Technical Officer
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Dr. Rong Chen
Vice President of Engineering
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Allan Wang
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
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Members of the Board

Prof. Peter Hofbauer
Founder and Chief Technical Officer, EcoMotors
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Vinod Khosla
Founder, Khosla Ventures
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Bill Lese
Partner, Braemar Energy Ventures
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Xia Dinghu
Chairman of Zhongding Group
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Our Investors

Our Investors


Khosla Ventures
  • Largest cleantech venture capital globally w/ 60+ active investments
  • Founded by Vinod Khosla, founder and CEO of Sun Microsystems and former partner at Kleiner Perkins
  • ~$3B in committed capital managed
  • Supports startups in energy, new materials, mobility, and internet
Bill Gates
  • American business magnate, investor, programmer, inventor, and philanthropist
  • Founder, former CEO, and current Chairman of Microsoft Corporation
  • World's wealthiest person in 2013
  • Active cleantech investor and advocate clean energy technology
Braemar Energy Ventures
  • Team with over 4 decades devoted exclusively to developing, operating and investing in Energy Technology companies
  • Consistently originates and serves as lead investor for new investments
  • Leader in building global Partnerships across the Energy landscape
  • Supports Energy Technology companies through all stages of growth


Zhongding Power Co., Ltd.
  • The Zhongding Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. is a diversified international company established in 1980 with headquarters located within the economic and technical development zone of Ningguo, Anhui Province, China.
  • The Group comprises 20 modern automotive component entities including Zhongding Power, and operates both domestically and internationally.
  • Zhongding Power is located in Xuancheng city, Anhui province, China where it operates an advanced engine parts foundry and will be producing OPOC engines.




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